Remember baby Lunathi?

Remember baby Lunathi? The underweight, malnourished baby boy who was brought into the Maria Kloppers Campus due to neglect by his parents. His tiny hands and feet were rat food and he needed extensive occupational therapy and medical care to help him heal (Read his story here). Well… he’s two years old ...

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Girls with goals

Girls with goals Carin and Lilly (not their real names) have been living in homes on Langlaagte and Maria Kloppers Campuses respectively. They have been a part of the Abraham Kriel Bambanani family from a young age. These two girls have faced challenges that broke them down mentally and physically and that ...

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Bye bye Bettie

Bye bye Bettie It was the end of the road for Bettie after 17 years. Bettie couldn’t get going without some help, but once she was on the move, she couldn’t stop either unless she was turned sideways in order to glide to a stop. Most days Bettie couldn’t accomplish her important ...

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I am awesome

I am awesome “Is my mom ok?” was the only thing that Samantha (7 years) kept asking her housemother when she was committed into our care at the Maria Klopper Campus at the beginning of this year. What Samantha and her three-year-old sister were exposed to, no child should endure. Her mom ...

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