Beeld-Kinderfonds has been one of our loyal and generous donors for many years

Beeld-Kinderfonds has been one of our loyal and generous donors for many years During a recent conversation with one of the girls in our Langlaagte Residential Care Programme, she spontaneously mentioned that her therapy session was the highlight of her day. Surprised at her enthusiastic reaction, I asked “Lindsay, so tell me ...

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A year in review

A year in review The first thing that came to my mind when asked to take the past financial year in review, is the fact that Abraham Kriel Bambanani was able to continue living its calling to protect, care for and develop children and young people in need of care. It is ...

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Child Care

Child Care Child Care Is a Necessity that Benefits the Entire Community We all know the famous African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In short, it refers to the fact that it requires an entire community to provide for and interact in a positive manner ...

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Foster Care

Foster Care You Can Help Us Provide Foster Care Without Fostering a Child Yourself In a society where inequality is still rife and social challenges are plentiful, it is often children who suffer most. If they do not provide the nurturing and support they deserve, the effects of this suffering are ...

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Skills Development For Youth

Skills Development For Youth The Importance of Skills Development for Youth Imagine a world where the youth of South Africa were skilled and employed. Imagine there were enough Skills Development opportunities available for school leavers so that they could find gainful employment and start to build a future that they could call ...

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Help With Child Neglect

Help With Child Neglect You Can Help with Fighting Child Neglect in South Africa Children in South Africa face a range of challenges, many of which can be attributed to various forms of neglect. These range in nature and can lead to a variety of lifelong traumas or developmental obstacles. This simply ...

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Care for Traumatized Children

Care for Traumatized Children The Need to Care for Traumatized Children The Need to Care for Traumatized Children It is no secret – the world can be a challenging place, with obstacles, challenges and sometimes real horrors waiting around every corner. Even as an adult who has the necessary support, navigating this ...

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Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisation A Non-Profit Organisation With Its Eye on a Brighter Future South Africa is a beautiful, problematic, hopeful, troubled, and complex country. We have some of the most amazing people found anywhere on earth. We have natural resources that are the envy of other nations. Talent abounds and creativity is in ...

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Childcare Johannesburg

Childcare Johannesburg The Need for Quality Childcare in Johannesburg Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO that provides childcare and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need in the greater Johannesburg area. The provision of care and early development opportunities for children should, not be underestimated under any circumstances. Alternative ...

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