Langlaagte Campus

At the Langlaagte campus about 60 children with severe trauma, or trauma combined with lower cognitive levels are cared for in ten specialist houses. To our knowledge, this campus is one of very few facilities in South Africa to provide specialist services for children with severe or complex trauma and children with lower cognitive levels. The childcare worker system is used in the houses since all the children require 24/7 care.


The children range in age from 7 – 18yrs. (In some cases youngsters stay on beyond their nineteenth birthday in order to complete school, or to find employment or in cases of severe mental handicaps, to find adult care facilities.)

There are six houses for girls and four for boys.

Children from all races are cared for.

Children with similar trauma are grouped together in houses with a programme specifically developed for those children’s needs. Intensive therapeutic programmes are in place to assist the children to work through their problems.

The aim of this campus is

To provide holistic care for children with severe trauma with the aid of specialist programmes in order to develop them and to re-integrate them into society.

To provide education to those children who cannot adapt in mainstream schooling, due to severe trauma.

To provide a basic education to children with limited potential through suitable schools e.g. Hamlet School.

To ensure that all children are involved in their own personal development plans to the extent that they are able. These plans aim to secure their future as independent adults.

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Langlaagte Campus
Cnr Marais & Kamp Street,
Paarlshoop, Johannesburg,

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