Babies are placed in our care as a place of safety by designated social workers from welfare/adoption agencies. This is a temporary placement and there is no court order committing them to our care. This means that specific adoption agencies or welfare organisations beyond the authority of Abraham Kriel Bambanani (AKB) are assigned to a specific child in our care and will handle the adoption and foster care processes and select and recommend where the babies/children are placed. AKB’s social workers are not designated and therefore are primarily responsible for the care and therapy that our children need while they are with us. The social workers at AKB will work together with the foster/adoption agency in preparing the child for the transition after these agencies had finalized the screening and matching process.

If you are interested in adoption or foster care, please find resources below that can assist you. You can contact these agencies/private social workers directly.

Read this interesting Maroela Media article about adoption

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Or alternatively contact your nearest Child Welfare association.
To learn more about adoption and the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa, click here.