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Shaping the Future: So Much More Than a Children’s Home Only

No matter how you look at it, the youth are our future. It is up to them to carry the torch and drive our wonderful nation forward. However, due to extreme social inequality, poverty, crime, health issues, and many other social ills, many kids today do not always have the necessary support to achieve their true potential. To be fair, this is putting it lightly. A significant number of them need serious intervention to protect them from their circumstances and give them a chance of survival. Providing services that extend beyond the typical children’s home, it is the aim of Abraham Kriel Bambanani to deliver this support and intervention.

The Abraham Kriel Bambanani children’s home has a long and rich history. Reverend Abraham Kriel first established a safe haven in 1902 in Langlaagte for children who were orphaned during the Anglo-Boer War. From there, the children’s home has grown in leaps and bounds, extending its reach to additional communities, involving many more supporters, helping many more kids, and even incorporating an educational programme to help with crucial development of the kids in need.

Today, the organisation has grown from a single children’s home looking after war orphans, to a growing body that provides care for unwanted and abandoned kids, kids affected by HIV/AIDS, and traumatised kids. Even with a successful residential and community-based model that allows kids to reach their full potential, Abraham Kriel Bambanani is still committed to achieve even greater sustainability and growth in order to impact on more communities and their youth, and thereby building a better South Africa.

At the best of times, this is a mammoth task that requires determination and hard work, and it cannot be achieved without the support of the community and generous donors. The pandemic that ravaged the world over the past year and a half has compounded the challenges faced by each and every children’s home across the country. Donations slowed down, while those in need increased rapidly. Now, more than ever, Abraham Kriel Bambanani relies on the generosity of its supporters to continue delivering this essential service to the youth of South Africa.

For those who want to show their support to a children’s home and the South African youth in general, there are so many ways in which to get involved. Currently, making sure that the kids in need have enough food to eat is the biggest concern. A donation of as little as R150 can make a huge difference to a number of lives. To find out how to get involved, contact Abraham Kriel Bambanani right away.



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