Child Donations

If You Want to Help a Child, Donations Are the Best Approach

We were all young once. While growing up, some of us had more than others. Some were lucky to grow up in happy, healthy homes, while others had to navigate a more challenging path in life. Whatever your journey, as children we often have very little say in the decisions and circumstances that shape our reality.

Yet, every child deserves a happy, balanced upbringing. Your donations can help make this a possibility for the large number of children who are not as fortunate to have a family that are able to support them in their development, for whatever reason.

So, why are donations the best approach to helping a child in need?

Not only are children our future, but every child also deserves a future – a future filled with hope, opportunities, and happiness. To make this future a reality, however, children need more than a handout from time to time. Creating a healthy environment in which a child can develop to their full potential, requires a balance of factors, including:

  • Safe shelter
  • Healthy food for physical and mental development
  • Education to help their early childhood development, as well as realising their potential as they grow into adults
  • Emotional support

An established children’s home already has the infrastructure in place to provide all of this, and should be regulated to ensure it provides qualified help.

Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO that delivers all of these critical services, and it’s your donations that keep us – and each child we care for – going.

Through our various endeavours, we provide both care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need in the greater Johannesburg area. This includes providing safe shelter, physical care and rehabilitation for those who have experienced trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment. To achieve all of this, we manage a combination of residential care, community services and educational programmes.

If you want to help a child, you can do so through a choice of donations.

The fastest and easiest way to help a child is to make a cash donation towards our daily activities. These will help cover things like healthy meals, warm clothes, and educational material. Donations can either be in the form of a once-off contribution, or a monthly subscription, and every little bit helps. Alternatively, if you have goods or services you’d like to donate, you can get in touch with the team at Abraham Kriel Bambanani to discuss the practical arrangements regarding such a donation. Together, we can build a better future for the children of South Africa.



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