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Donations and Tax Benefits

Donations and Tax Benefits Donations and Tax Benefits: What You Need to Know There are many charities and similar organisations that rely on donations from the public – whether from individuals or private businesses – to continue the work they do. Because of their positive impact of the work of these organisations ...

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Registered NPO Johannesburg

Registered NPO Johannesburg Discover How This Registered NPO Changes Children’s Lives in Johannesburg For all the challenges we face in South Africa, we are also a nation that knows how to pull together, help each other and overcome the obstacles in our way. It’s an act of love, of unity, and of ...

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Support a Child

Support A Child Here Are 8 Ways You Can Easily Support a Child in Need South Africa has often been described as the land of opportunities; as a nation with great potential; as a country with the ability to be a major player on a global level. For the just shy of ...

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Fostering South Africa

Fostering South Africa Fostering a Child in South Africa Approximately 34% of the South African population are under the age of 18 (totalling almost 20 million children). Six out of ten of these children are estimated to be multi-dimensionally poor according to UNICEF. This makes it clear that there is a real ...

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Children’s Charity

Children’s Charity Our Children’s Charity Is Aimed at Creating Healthy, Balanced Futures While we live in a country with unbridled potential to excel on the world stage, our communities are still riddled with poverty and extreme inequality. Unless we address the developmental issues of our youth, this scenario will simply snowball and ...

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Safe Haven for Chidren

Safe Haven For Children Providing a Safe Haven for Children on Their Way to a Brighter Future According to mid-2018 statistics from the University of Cape Town (UCT) on children in South Africa, there are about 19.7 million kids in our country, out of a total population of an estimated 57.7 ...

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Child Care

Child Care Child Care Is a Necessity that Benefits the Entire Community We all know the famous African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In short, it refers to the fact that it requires an entire community to provide for and interact in a positive manner ...

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Foster Care

Foster Care You Can Help Us Provide Foster Care Without Fostering a Child Yourself In a society where inequality is still rife and social challenges are plentiful, it is often children who suffer most. If they do not provide the nurturing and support they deserve, the effects of this suffering are ...

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