AKBC19ResponseTeam Announcement

The AKBC19ResponseTeam appeals to all staff members, beneficiaries and supporters of Abraham Kriel Bambanani to BE VIGILANT; BE HEALTHY!

In response to the Covid-19 virus and the lockdown measures announced by President Ramaphosa, Abraham Kriel Bambanani has taken the following steps:

  • We established an AKBC19ResponseTeam under the guidance of our CEO, Mr Paul Momsen
  • We launched an internal campaign: BE VIGILANT BE HEALTHY for staff and beneficiaries
  • A key principle of the AKB strategy is social distancing


Besides the normal hygiene measures, certain precautions have been put into place during the nationwide lockdown to contain the spreading of the virus. They are:

  • Volunteering groups or individuals will not be allowed access to any Abraham Kriel Bambanani facilities
  • Visits to children by family members and host families will be suspended until further notice
  • Children visiting family or host families have already been assessed by social workers before the lockdown.
  • Therapeutic programmes will be put on hold.
  • Hospitals and clinics will be avoided for all, except essential visits
  • Children in residential care will be required to remain within the confines of their houses and yard.
  • Non-essential staff will be encouraged to take special leave, or work from home.
  • All staff will be advised on safety measures and special precautions will be taken for each staff member, based on their specific responsibilities. This includes hand sanitiser, facial masks, sunglasses and gloves where appropriate.
  • Posters with vital information have been distributed and are displayed prominently
  • One month’s additional provisions of non-perishable goods will be purchased before the lockdown.


  1. The Johanna Malan ECDC had to be closed in line with the regulations promulgated to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
  2. The Emdeni Skills Centre and all Drop-in Centres in Soweto and Westbury have closed. All services will resume once the lockdown has been suspended and subject to developments and guidance from the government.
  3. The provision of food to all our beneficiaries in the community programmes for orphaned and vulnerable children will be in the form of food parcels, but all holiday activities and home visits are suspended until further notice.


  • Donations in kind (such as food and toiletries) is not encouraged, but if there are donors that arrive unannounced donations will be received at the entrance of a facility.
  • Donations of 2nd-hand goods will not be accepted until further notice.
  • Donors will not be given access to the premises and donations must be left at the entrances to our facilities or at the door of our donation store at Langlaagte.
  • The donor must please leave a delivery note, describing the donation and listing items. We need contact details on the note so that we can acknowledge receipt of the donation. That is your name, a cell phone number and an e-mail address.
  • Please follow up with es@abrahamkriel.org if you have not received a thank-you letter and receipt within 30 days of delivery of the donation.

We have to avoid unnecessary contact, but must remain accountable to you, our donor.


A number of the fundraising events that we relied on were cancelled or postponed. These include:

  • The Two Oceans marathon
  • A mother’s day function
  • Golden Oldies Rugby festival to celebrate 67minutes of Playing4Hope on Mandela Day

At risk are:

  • Turkey Festival Potjie competition
  • Our annual golf day
  • Comrades marathon
  • MTN Walk the Talk with 702
  • Stars for Charity
  • Super Sub Soccer Tournament

As you cannot come here to volunteer, our children need your support now more than ever. Please consider becoming a volunteer fundraiser or take part in a virtual event from wherever you are.  Here are a few suggestions on how you can still give hope to our children from a distance.

Please be aware not entertain “skelms and fraudsters”, that tell you they are raising funds on our behalf!!!  Call Hilda (Marketing Manager) on 082 894 2458 to confirm the legitimacy of any campaign before you donate or support it.


Make a donation: We still need to feed our children and give them the love and care they need during this time. Thank you, we will appreciate any support!

Please visit our social media pages to keep updated with what our children have been up to during Lockdown.

You can also visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal here for more news, updates, resources and key contact details/points about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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